Probably about 15 years ago Lynchburg went from having just a few chain restaurants along with many local ones to having more than enough choices for dining in the "hill city." One particular way to list the overview of restaurants is by location:


The lower end of Wards Road/Route 29 is known for having restaurants up and down the street on both sides. Logan 's , O'Charleys , Olive Garden , Five Guys and Fries , Bob Evans , Golden Corral , Panera Bread , Cold Stone Creamery , Cracker Barrel , Texas Roadhouse , Buffalo Wild Wings , Ruby Tuesday and Ryans  can all be found. Fast food options include Subway , McDonalds , Quiznos , Chick Fil'A , Sonic , and coffee available at Starbucks (either in their store or inside Barnes & Noble).


On Chandlers Mountain Road and around River Ridge Mall you can find Myrts, Texas Steakhouse , Little Caesars , Hams , Shakers, Red Lobster , Applebee’s , Macados and the Sundae Grille. Fast food options are KFC , Taco Bell , Arby's , Chick Fil'A and Hardees as well as McDonalds, Mr. Wok, The Great Steak & Potato , Dairy Queen , Chick Fil'A, Subway and Sbarro found inside the mall.


Off the 29/501 expressway is the national steakhouse Outback and 2 local restaurants: Big Lick Tropical Grill and popular night spot/entertainment place Cattle Annie's .


With the restoration being done by the city, downtown has new stores and restaurants opening all the time. You can find the Dish, Bull Branch, Jonathans, the Depot Grill and Main Street Eatery just to name a few. A Lynchburg classic 24 hour spot, the Texas Tavern (or the T-Room as it's called by locals) is also right around the corner.


If you travel up Rivermont Avenue through historic Lynchburg you will come upon the Blue Marlin Seafood Market, Magnolia Foods , TC Trotters/Shads and the Cavalier. Further down this road, which turns into Boonsboro Road you will find the Great Wall, Meriwethers , the Phila Deli , Hurricane Cafe and Pizza Hut. Fast food options are Subway and Burger King .


If you backtrack around to the Langhorne Road/back Old Forest Road area there is the Farm Basket , La Carreta and Daddy Bims. Hardees on Langhorne Road and McDonalds, Burger King, Arby's, Pizza Hut, Subway, Wendy's and the Weenie Stand around the Plaza round out the fast food options.


On the more traveled area of Old Forest Road you will find Grace Restaurant, Kings Island , Papa Johns , Pizza Hut, Harbor Inn, Monte Carlos, Applebee’s, Isabella’s , Osaka, Mudpuppies, Jazz Street Grill and Yellow Sub. Fast food options include McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Subway and Biscuitville .


Near the middle part of Lakeside Drive are Don's Bagels & Bites and the Country Kitchen. Right past the intersection of 221 and 501 is the Garden Deli and if you travel even further down 221 you will find China Royal, the Mustard Seed , Original Italian Pizza (OIP), Mr. Shipps Pizza, Bulls, Dominos and the Benjamin's. Fast food options are McDonalds, Burger King, Quiznos, Subway and BoJangles .


Further down Graves Mill Road off the expressway is Charley’s which can lead you back around to the Fort Avenue/top of Wards Road area. Kyoto 's, Milan Indian, Famous Anthony’s , Pizza Hut, Waffle House , IHOP , La Hacienda, Dominos , RUBS, the Crown Sterling and Vinny's can be found. Fast food options are McDonalds, Subway, Wendy's and Long John Silvers .


Fort Avenue turns into Timberlake Road and you can find the Westside Deli, Papa Johns, Sachikos, TGI Fridays , and La Caretta. Fast food options are Subway, Captain D's , Wendy's, Dairy Queen, Biscuitville, a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut combo, a KFC/Long John Silvers combo and Hardees.


And finally if you haven't found enough everywhere else you can always go out to Wyndhurst; Lynchburg 's ever populating community within a community. You can find the Fat Tuna , Mama Mia Pizzeria, Schmokies, Upper Crust Pizza, Mountain Frost Creamery, Neighbors Place and Subway as you sole fast food option.

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