You've picked a wonderfully unspoilt part of Sicily if you plan on taking your holiday here, but please do go with an open mind. Tourism in this area is still in the early stages of development and as such many beach services suffer and aren't as polished as you may find on mainland Italy or on the eastern side of the island. Go with an open mind though and you won't be disappointed!

You will need a car to reach all the best beaches, if staying in or around Sciacca, as local transport is limited.  Sciacca does have several beaches that are much nearer the town - but it also has a very busy working port which can pollute the nearby beaches thus they should be avoided.

In brief these are:

STAZZONE BEACH is too near the port so the sea is not so clean. Leaking fuel from the many industrial fishing boats and a perennially broken sewage outlet nearby. Water may look turquoise clean but the smell of raw sewage will put you off if nothing else.

LIDO BEACH is the next beach along. A nice sandy beach, but far too close to Stazzone to be completely pleasant.

TONNARA and FOGGIA are the beaches of choice for locals who have very small children, due to the fact that the sand is lovely and dry to play in and the water is very shallow - this is because the local council erected storm breakers here in the '80s. The breakers caused the sea to become really shallow - but also warm and stagnant, due to no waves and little movement. Excellent if you have a toddler who just wants to paddle about in a few inches of water, but not recommended for adults who love the sea...

Other beaches: RENELLA to the west and LUMIA to the east are where the majority of self-catering holiday Villas and Apartments featured on Trip Advisor are situated. Both are lovely locations with breathtaking views of the sea, however please note that these are narrow pebble beaches.

So on to the best of the rest:


Capo San Marco 

Capo San Marco beach is a 10 min drive to the west of Sciacca, and one of the hidden gems of the southern-west coast of Sicily. A favourite beach with the locals - and because there are no hotels or public transport in this area it is known to just a handful of tourists. There are several Stabilimento Balneare - large wooden shacks built on the beach - offering beach services.  These usually house a Bar and Restaurant and a small area of private beach, with sun-loungers, umbrellas, pedallos etc for hire at reasonable prices.

Capo San Marco is a SANDY beach.

Stabilimento Balneare - ALOHA

Aloha is the most popular Stabilimento Balneare at Capo San Marco, but suited to a younger crowd (teens, early 20's) as they have loudish music, hamburgers, beach games etc . It gets ultra busy in the afternoons in July/August, with very beautiful young people, and it's sometimes difficult to find a patch of sand for your towel. Aloha starts to get busy with all ages at around 11pm; it stays open until the early hours with regular Party Nights, DJs, some live music, dancing that overlaps onto the sand etc so quite nice for an evening out for any age. 

 Aloha Bar


Stabilimento Balneare- LA BAIA DEL SOL

This Stabilimento Balneare further along the beach at Capo San Marco is much quieter than ALOHA, and popular with an older age group. They have a stretch of private beach offering sun loungers, umbrellas, pedallos etc. a Bar and Seafood Restaurant.   Lunch at this restaurant is highly recommended: fantastic pasta dishes, fresh seafood and daily specials - and the owner-chef speaks good English and German too! It's top notch cooking that you'd pay a fortune for in any big city, but a fraction of the price here on the beach. Come here at the cocktail hour and watch the sun setting over the Mediterranean or dine here in the evenings whilst you watch the moonlight glistening on the water. Very romantic.  After dinner take a stroll along the sand and finish your evening off with a cocktail and a boogie at ALOHA.




This beach is a 20 minute drive west of Sciacca, much quieter but narrower beach and with some pebbles and rocks in places, however crystal clear, breathtaking water. As there are no beach huts or establishments there you'd need to take provisions with you. It's a bit of a 'wilderness' beach but worth it for the lovely crystal water. 

 The Sea at Maragani Beach



SOVARETO (about 10 min drive east of Sciacca).  It used to be the beach of choice for the locals 20 years ago, but since the hotel chain Sciacca Mare opened 3 hotels nearby they have privatised large chunks of the beach for their customers. It's still a beautiful sandy beach but during high summer it's become a pretty generic tourist place - the perfect lines of striped umbrellas etc can be a bit of an eyesore and detract from the beach's beauty.



SAN GIORGIO and TIMPI RUSSI are adjacent beaches, about 15/20 minutes east along the coast from Sciacca. They are how Sovareto Beach once was. Many holiday homes have been built in this area and a little village seems to be growing where 30 years ago there was nothing. The sand and water are lovely here are there are a few small Stabilimento Balneare that sell water, beer, ice cream and sandwiches etc. with some sun lounge and umbrella hire.




Not to be missed!  About 3/4 drive to the east of Sciacca,  ERACLEA MINOA  is one of the prettiest beaches in the area with the nicest sand. It has an established Stabilimento Balneare on the beach with Bar, Restaurant, Sun Lounger, Umbrella and Pedallo hire. There is another great Seafood Restaurant further along the beach, LIDO GARIBALDI, which enjoys great reviews: 

Why not spen the whole day here and visit the archaeological site of the ancient city of Eraclea, complete with Greek theatre and necropolis.

 Eraclea Minoa Beach



This famous Sicilian landmark (translation: Turkish Steps), just under an hour's drive to the east of Sciacca, should be included in any visit to this part of Sicily. Most people trek to the beach down the side of the cliff, but you can get to the bottom by car. One of the most breathtaking sights in Sicily. Why not spend the whole day in the area and visit the nearby Archelogical sight of Eraclea Minoa - or drive a little further east and visit the Temples of Agrigento.

Scala Dei Turchi 


 Enjoy a Cocktail at LA BAIA DEL SOL as you watch the sun set...

Enjoy a cocktail at La Baia Del Sol bar, Capo San Marco beach, whilst you watch the sun slowly start to set...