There are numerous ways of getting around the Norfolk area, of which the option can be broken down into two categories: public transportation and private transportation.

            There are three main public transportation options in Norfolk: buses, taxis, and the ferry.

            The Norfolk Electric Transit is a free shuttle service provided by the city of Norfolk.  It runs a limited route that stretches 2.2 miles and makes sixteen stops.

            Hampton Roads Transit operates Norfolk’s major public bus system.  There are a total of 23 routes throughout Norfolk.  Visit Norfolk Routes for more information.  One ride will cost $1.50.  Check out HRT Fares for more information.     

            Taxis are a great way of getting around Norfolk.  A list of taxi companies displayed by order of proximity to the city can be seen at Norfolk Taxis.  Fares are standard across the board for all companies, government regulated, and determined by the meter.  Hotels, restaurants, and bars will usually call for a ride. 

            The ferry service is also operated by HRT.  The best thing about this mode of transportation is that it offers a great view of the harbor.  There is only one route, which travels between Downtown Norfolk at The Waterside, and North Landing and High Street in Portsmouth.  For more information, visit Paddlewheel Ferry .

            The main option for private transportation in Norfolk is the rental car.  There are numerous companies renting vehicles in the Norfolk area, a partial list of which can be seen at Rental Cars .