Mijas is a small place closed to Fuengirola (less than 10 km), it's  about 428 m above mean see level, it's divided in Mijas Pueblo, in the upper side of the town and the Mijas Costa, more turistical and commercial.  

 The first thing that captures your attention is the white color of the houses: it's incredibly nice to see this bright small village on the Mountain. 

 The people are very kind, the food is gorgeous, and in the period of celebrations is easy to find chiringuitos and woman tipically dressed up with long colorful wide dress  dancing flamenco. 

Be carefull if you are going by car: the street are really small, in some cases just one car for time can go through: sometimes you can find some elderly go around with donkeys or mules: this reppresent the most guarantee way for going around without inconvenientes !


Enjoy Mijas!