Alcudia has something for everyone; hence the title. It can be brash and boisterous or charming and historical; but mostly it is everything in between. The main strip is located around the Bellevue complex, which is the largest resort in Europe. the road is called the Bellevue or the Golden Mile, but if searching for it, call it Av. Pere Mas y Reus to be safe; after all that is it's name. There are bars, shops and restaurants a plenty and this is the hub of the nightlife. At the humpback bridge the action also spreads below, along the canals. Many big restaurants are along the main street; selling shish kebabs, roast chicken, paella, and all the rest. Some of the nicest restaurants can be on the roads leading from this main road. Always worth taking a few extra steps. The general rule of thumb is that the restaurants get more expensive the closer you get to the sea. To some extent that is true. However, some of the best restaurants are on the main beach road. Up in the pedestrianised port area are the more expensive restaurants but the fish quality is usually terrific. For some old fashioned spanish cooking with a modern twist; try La Casa Gallega up one of the streets leading down to the harbor. Most bars have a Happy Hour and serve plenty of local drinks as well as the favourites from the UK and northern Europe. Good local beer is Cruzcampo. Many meals come with wine included. Best try a red, they are only table wines but  then ask for a bottle of Gaseosa with it; the result is terrific; Gaseosa is lemonade (7-up if you are north american). A great pre meal snack is pan and ailioli; even if it not on the menu most places will provide it for a couple of Euros; it is crusty baguette with a garlic mayo dip and olives normally. S'amfora is a great restaurant just off the Golden Mile on the main beach road. Alcudia has a vibrant nighttime feel but lacks in clubs; the nightlife largely revolves around pubs. Many will put on musicians, quizzes or karaoke. Many will show soccer and other sport too.

 Right, that is food and drink out the way lets get to the greatest feature of Alcudia; the beach. 6 miles long andsoft white/yellow sand. The beach can be expansive with shallow calm water at the port end; to quite choppy with a backdrop of dunes as you get to the Albufeira area. The beach has watersport options but no jetskiing. The water is generally quite warm, because of the light sand base and there are also ferry rides available. Ferries go from the piers along the beach by Sunwing; just off the main strip, and down in the port. The trips can be half day plus. A nice trip is the basic trip around to Coll Baix on the glass bottom boat; there is not much to see through the bottom but trip takes one round the headland and to a lovely bay called Coll Baix. It is also under 2 hours so nice and light. Best snorkelling is around an island called S'illot on the northern side of the headland, and around Aucanada (by Hotel Presidente) on the southern side of the peninsula. The main beach at Alcudia is one of the nicest and cleanest on the island. There are many nice little bays in the vicinity too. Mal Pas has two lovely small coves; on the north side of the headland; there is a further beach at Bacares. another beach is up at Aucanada past the old power station.

 Alcudia used to be let down by being far from the airport at Palma, but now the motorway runs all the way up to the last 6 or so miles from Alcudia, cutting the time to no more than 40 minutes or so. There is talk that one day a train line will make it as far as alcudia; but not yet. The backdrop to Alcudia is mountains, Puerto alcudia itself though is on a flat plain, making it idyllic for cycling.  Should briefly mention the Old Town; not really part of Puerto Alcudia, but if you in Puerto alcudia, make sure to head to the old town; twice weekly market; old town, ancient walls, roman ruins, ampitheater, pedestrianized, great food, nice cafes; a lovely area. Buses go there frequently and taxis are not overly expensive.

 If you are self catering, avoid the small supermarkets at the hotels; head to Syp, Eroski or Mercadona (just ask anyone). They are bigger, part of a chain andmuch cheaper options. they also carry a lot more stock. If you are driving up to Alcudia a good idea may be to stop by the Carrefour Hypermarket that is right by the airport.

 Also on offer are Horse riding, scooter rental, bus tours and a waterpark.

In summer there is a boat to Barcelona and there are daily boats out to Menorca. But no idea why as there is something for everyone in Alcudia.