Corralejo, as one of the most popular resort areas of Fuerteventura, has a charm not found on any other Canary Island, and you may either love it or hate it. The back streets still maintain the original atmosphere of the island, with older, traditional type buildings and run-down apartment blocks. The pavements can be uneven and scruffy, although there are several new wide walkways, and all have designated areas for bicycles. Sometimes, after walking along a rather dingy street you can suddenly find yourself in a little oasis of green trees and shrubs, and maybe a children's playground with brightly coloured swings and roundabouts.

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down by the original small harbour in the evening, where the old local men gather to smoke and  watch the tourists coming and going.  The newer harbour areas is home to the ferries which plough backwards and forwards across the Bocayna Strait to Lanzarote. The lights of Lanzarote at night twinkle as if they are a stones throw away!

There are restaurants to suit every taste, the back streets are the places that the locals frequent, and these places are much cheaper and the food good. The locals are very welcoming and don't seem to mind when the tourists fill their restaurants, children are always welcome and the only people who might object to a child running around are usually fellow tourists. Ask for a childs menu, the Spanish are very obliging.

Find the local supermarkets of Eurospar, Hiperdino, Inpescasa and Supermecado Rita are the places that the locals shop. You can buy anything here and they are much cheaper than the Netto supermarkets or those on-site at your hotel.

There are many bars in Corralejo, and really something to suit every taste. From bars for a quiet drink to live music bars, Irish bars to karaoke bars, there really is something for everyone. If it is a lively night out that you are looking for, look no further than the centre of town where you will find loads of different bars and night clubs. If you are looking for something a little more relaxing or low key then head away from the main street to find the quieter bars which are mainly in the back streets. You will always be able to find a snack at lunch time, many take away places or cafes where you can relax with a bar snack and a drink.

Every place has its fair share of crime but, relatively Corralejo is a very safe place. The police keep a strong presence around town, but be aware that there is always opportunist crime and occasionally a bag will be snatched. So as anywhere - always be aware, always lock your valuables in the safe provided in the hotel room, and don't ever forget to lock your door and windows (even at night even when you are in the room.

The beaches are wonderful and it is worth leaving the pool area to explore them. Taxi's are cheap and it will be well worth the effort to get out and about. Don't forget the sun tan lotion as the sun is deceiving, especially if it is a little cloudy, and be aware that some beaches are frequented by nudists. Another necessity is the mosquito repellent, even on the beach they can be merciless, and there are also biting insects in the sand which can cause a nasty reaction. So spray yourself and be safe. Plug-ins are a good idea for your hotel room.

Enjoy this beautiful island, and come back soon