The history of Virginia Beach begins on April 26, 1603, when English explorers arrived in what they later called The Chesapeake Bay. Though the expedition was headed by Admiral Christopher Newport, most people associate this voyage with Captain John Smith. However, Captain Smith was not even among the first group of men to reach the shore because he was under arrest for mutinous actions during the voyage. When the Englishmen came ashore they erected a cross and named the spot Cape Henry, after the 13 year old Prince of Wales. It took 14 years for the Virginian settlement to be successful and colonists to start living in what became Virginia Beach. Though no actual battles during the Revolutionary War took place in Virginia Beach, a strategic sea battle took place in Cape Henry, which many believe was vital to Washington's victory at Yorktown. Today Virginia Beach is a coastal community that serves as a great vacation spot for young couples or families and singles alike.