The tour of the winery shows how it is tied into the history of the Williamsburg and Jamestown area.  The tour costs $10 and takes about an hour including the tasting.  The tour starts with a short film that introduces you to the winery and the people who make the wine.  From there you tour the facilities and see the wine making process in action.  At the end of the tour you get to taste 7 different wines. 3 white, 3 red and one dessert wine.  If you want to try the reserve wines you can make a reservation to do a tasting in the reserve room.  The Reserve wine tasting includes cheese and hors d'oeuvres, and you keep the oversize etched wine glass as well  The Reserve wine tasting is $30.

There is also a tasting paired with lunch.  The tasting is followed by lunch at the Gabriel Archer Tavern.  Lunch includes a main course and dessert, coffee or tea, and of course, a glass of wine.  It also includes a momento engraved wine glass.  Reserved online, the cost is $30.

The best time to visit the Williamsburg Winery, if you are going during tourist season, is mid week before lunch.  Tours run every hour, but if the crowd gets heavy, they have been known to run the tour every 15 minutes.  Once you take the tasting you can purchase your favorite wines in their wine shop.

On the grounds of the winery is a restaurant, Gabriel Archer's Tavern, which serves lunch and dinner.  Williamsburg Wineries wines are featured, and you can try various wine and food pairings.  There is also a recently opened hotel on the grounds, Wedmore Place.  The restaurant at Wedmore Place is called Cafe Provencal.