Kuru Kuru Sushi, which literally translates to "going around Sushi," is Bellingham's first conveyor style sushi restaurant.

Upon entering you are given the option to be seated at the bar (which can occupy 15-30 customers depending if they run both belts or just one) or seated at one of the tables that line the windows of the restaurant. Your waitress acts as your source of beverages and a limited liaison to the chefs behind the sushi bar. Other than that, you simply walk up to the conveyor belt, select the item(s) you wish to eat, and return to your seat with your sampling of food. If you do not see the item you wish to try (there is a menu with pictures and prices on your table) you may ask a waitress to pass the message on to the chefs who will produce that item for you in a short while.

Sushi is the primary food item offered with a small selection of nigiri style sushi and a heavy focus on rolls, however, there are other items on the menu ranging from edamame (soy beans in the pod) or gyoza (potstickers) through even a fresh fruit plate. Each plate of food is color coded with prices ranging from $1.50 for the cheapest plate to $3.50 for the most expensive. At the end of your meal the waitress will return to your table to count with you the various plates and prices of which you have in front of you before proceeding to tally your bill. The prices of plates are listed on the menu so you are not simply grabbing blind at the bar.

They return with your receipt, accept your payment, and your trip to Kuru Kuru Sushi has come to a close.