When asked where I'm from I always smile and say , " Bow, Washington. A regional post office designation in the middle of nothing."

 Well, let's be more specific. The postal reference to Bow takes in a large geographic area-- roughly north of Burlington, south of Bellingham, between I-5 and Puget Sound. Lots of farmfields, farm roads and beautiful sunsets along Chuckanut Drive as you meander the coast route to Bellingham.

Edison, Bow's cousin to the west , (about 1 mile west), is really where the action is. Resturants include: The Edison Cafe, The Longhorn Tavern and  the Old Edison Inn. An artisinal bread company, a deli specializing in wine and cheese known as Slough Foods, two art galleries and a sweets bakery round out the hot spots.

 For truly memorable dining head back towards the intersection of Chuckanut Drive and the Bow Hill Road, just across from the Bow Post Office. There lies the   Rhododendron Cafe, a regional culinary delight. Although known for their changing monthly menus and ethnic cuisine, sometimes I order the Chicken Parm or the Samish Bay Oysters just because....well.....because they are so yummy.

Don't forget to consider the dark chocolate gelato and the Italian custard with raspberry sauuce as they are a blissful end to the evening. Wine and beer selections are diverse.

To get to Bow and Edison try taking exit 231 from I-5 ( the more northern Burlington exit) and head north on Chuckanut Drive. You can also take the Bow Hill Exit ( exit 233?) and head to the west off I-5, following along until you come to the stop sign where Chuckanut Drive intersects.

 Larabee State Park and Bayview State Park  are nearby, both with camping services.