If you have never gone to a concert at the Gorge in George you are missing a real treat.  There isn't a more beautiful spot to enjoy your favorite artists than the amphitheatre at the Gorge.  Frankly, you don't need to get the reserved seating. You really don't get the full beauty of the amphitheatre from down in the reserved seating.  If being really close to the artists is important to you then by all means get reserved seating but  the hill overlooking the river is a winner any day! The general seating in the grass is great.  It overlooks the Gorge and the sunsets are spectacular.  Just take one of those short legged beach chairs and a blanket as the wind can come up an it can get chilly in the desert at night.  Very romantic!

There is camping available by the river.  Just a quick drive to the venue.   There is also a resort at Cresent Bar on the river which is also close.