Leavenworth is quaint quaint quaint.  With a “Bavarian Village” nickname, the city harkens to older times and a heritage from another hemisphere.  Its attractions are unique and its activities alternately reminiscent of old Western Europe and the Great Outdoors.

The Cashmere Pioneer Village and Museum is a good place to take the whole family.  Dedicated to preserving early American and Native American history, the artifacts and other items contained herein make it a site of most historical interest.

For a nuttier attraction, check out the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum , a venue displaying and vending some of the most exclusive nutcrackers in the world (most of which are German imports).  

Village Art in the Park is an art show that takes place in city from May to October and is one of the best and longest of its kind in all of the Pacific Northwest.

The Red-Tail Canyon Farm captures the city’s nostalgic identity in its emphasis on hayrides, the outdoors, and cookouts.  Some people come here to BBQ, others for a sleigh ride, and still others even get married here.

The outdoor activities of Leavenworth range from hiking, biking, rafting and kayaking in the summer to skiing, sleighing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing in the winter.  These athletic endeavors complement the Bavarian Village feel of the area to make visitors feel like they are stepping back a couple centuries, whatever the month or activity.