Huntington, West Virginia  is a pretty little town on the Ohio River that was once a bustling City back in the 50's

Huntington currently caters to Marshall University (17,000 students) and the Hospital trade.  Nightlife is OK for  a small City and is probably the best in West Virgina.  Several of the nightclubs that are operating as of Mid August 2006 are:

Saddle Ridge Rock-N-Country Saloon...This place took Huntington by storm in January...with the best looking cowgirls this side of WACO will be interesting to see ...whats going on this fall.

The Red Iguana an upscale college nightclub...really hot girls again with good drink specials.

The  features all the heavy rock and roll around the tri state with an excellent stage set up.

The Where-House in nearby Barboursville West Virgina has larger screens than most dance clubs across America....

 So with lots of clubs coming and going, try these out they consistently meet the desired criteria for good clean safe fun