Located on an old Indian Trail (Seneca Trail) Marlinton, WV (established in 1749) has been witness to a rich and colorful history.  Indian Raids, Civil War battles, Railroad and Logging Accidents, to every day daily life - it comes as no surprise that there have been reports of unexplained activity in some of the local and nearby areas surrounding Marlinton, WV. 

> Pocahontas County Courthouse, 900 10th Ave, Marlinton, WV
On any given Wednesday there have been a number of reports of people seeing strange glowing figures on and/or near the courthouse steps after midnight.

> 10th Avenue, Marlinton, WV
There have been many reports of unexplained activity along 10th Avenue.  There are a number of turn-of-the-century houses on this street which are believed to have been built by members of the same family. One of the family member was known to have been a witch.  Reports include activity of strange sounds, voices, and other odd/weird occurrences.

> Adam Moore Chalybeate Spring, Jerico Road, Marlinton, WV
The spirit of a teenage female has been reported drinking water from Adam Moore Chalybeate Spring late at night. People in close proximity have also reported sightings of the same ghost.

> Jericho Flat, Jerico Road, Marlinton, WV
There are a number of reports of female who is missing half her head has been seen hovering over Jericho Flat late at night.  This appearently is a very active haunting.

> Airport Hill, Back Airport Road, Marlinton, WV 24954
At the pinnacle of Airport Hill, there have been reports of people seeing a tar-black snake turn into a female.

> Marlin Run Structure One Dam, Marlinton, WV 24954
1) The spirit of a male (believed to have been homeless) has been seen here late at night.
2) The spirit of a female with a spear in her head has been reported often looking at the water late at night. It is believed that this is the spirit of a traveler who was murdered while passing through the area long ago.

> Crowser Hollow, Watoga State Park, Hwy 39, Marlinton, WV
Reports of a young male wearing a sportcoat has been seen looking in Crowser Hollow before sunrise.

> Paddy Knob, Minnehaha Springs, WV 24954
Reports of a young female dressed as a maid has been seen attempting to say something on the summit of the hill.

> Cranberry Glades, Monongahela National Forest on Highway 39/55
Reports of a headless male scrambling out of Cranberry Glades soaked in dirty water have been seen here late at night. The spirit is believed to be that of a traveler who was murdered decades ago.

> Beartown State Park, Rt 219, Hillsboro, WV 24946
There are reports of an spirit in a military uniforms pacing about with no body. This spirit is also believed to be the same which has been observed burying a body by a big boulder in the park at night

> Droop Mountain Battlefield, HC 64, Box 189 Hillsboro, WV 24946
Droop Mountain was the site of West Virginia's last significant Civil War battle. On November 6, 1863, Union General William W. Averell commanded 2,000 Union Army soldiers from Greenbrier Valley at Droop Mountain (19 miles from Marlinton) where Confederate General John Echols and about 2,000 Confederate troops had established a defensive position atop of Droop Mountain. Under artillery fire, Averell split his forces in two, sending one column charging straight up Droop Mountain and another along an obscure route up the side of Droop Mountain. The Confederate troops did not guard the obscure route and were surprised when Averell's men charged them from behind. The battle ended when the Confederate Army retreated to Lewisburg, WV.

While the bloody fight lasted for only about an hour, the impact and mark this battle left on this site will last a lifetime. 119 Union soldiers and approximately 275 Confederate troops were killed. Most are believed to have been buried on the mountain. Unexplained events and reports which have apparent ties to this horrific event have circulated ever since.   

Reports of ghosts and voices from the Civil War period have been seen and heard throughout the park.  Recent reports include the sound of galloping horses, a headless confederate soldier and the figure of what appears to be a sleeping confederate soldier lying against a tree.

The first unusual experience / activity was reported in 1865 by sisters Betty and Nancy Snedegar.  The sisters had been out berry-picking on the mountain and were on their way home when they came across two guns. They picked them up to examine them, when rocks started being thrown at them.  They looked around only to find no one around and continued home. The sisters were pelted with more rocks when they went to milk the cow. Soon rocks started coming down the chimney of their log cabin home, knocking lids off the pots. Rocks also started coming through the walls of the cabin, with no holes for a point of entry to be found. The activity did not stop there, the sisters also reported the sheepskin rugs would bleat like a sheep and stand up. Even the dog irons at the fireplace had a mind of their own and ran 'round the room'.

Mounted Cavalry On Patrol
Around 1960 a local Marlinton man reported that one late evening during one of his return trips while driving a pulp wood truck something bizarre occurred. The man claimed he drove into the "Renick valley area" on the south side of Droop Mountain, when he came across approximately six horsemen in the road. They did not yield right of way and he had to completely stop the truck to avoid striking them. They were in single file formation moving at a slow pace and appeared to be dressed in civil war uniforms. The man opened his driver's side door and stepped out on the running board to tell them to move when he noticed the horses and men disappeared when exiting the truck's headlight beam. There was no one around after the last one exited the lit area. (Reference: http://www.wvghosts.com/stories/story...)

Headless Soldiers:
The late Edgar Walton reported a number of ghostly encounters. Walton claimed he did not believe in ghosts, until in 1920 he and a friend stopped to build a fire and saw something "in the form of a man, without a head ... drifting along." 

According to Terry Lowry (author of the Battle of Droop Mountain history "The Last Sleep") the headless ghost maybe Second Lieutenant Joseph W. Daniels, a Union Solider with the First West Virginia who "had his head shot off by a Confederate shell".

Walton had a similar experience in 1927 near Spring Creek Mountain when the ghostly soldier was standing close to him, then walked to the middle of a gate and disappeared. Again, the apparition was headless and "it drifted along."

While cutting firewood near the park in 1977 other Walton family members saw "a headless ghostly figure wearing a gray-colored uniform float past them, making a moaning sound."

Anna Shue Atkins, whose family lived on Droop Mountain for generations, also had encounters with the  headless ghost.  According to Lowry "...during the battle a mounted soldier encountered an enemy foot soldier. The trooper grabbed an infantry man by the hair and sliced off his head with his sword." Atkins related that the head was supposed to have been thrown in a nearby pond, but no one ever found it.

According to reports, the headless ghost stops riders and horses at night, holding bridles until daylight when the ghost would allow passage over the old Seneca Trail. However, he was never seen again after he stopped a driver with a double team. Though he urged the team to move on, the horses stood still and he asked the ghost to let him pass. In anger or desperation, he came off the wagon with his whip and laid into said ghost from the back of one of the horses. The horses bolted and the driver clutched the horse’s mane until others on the wagon team stopped the horses down the road.

Ghost Horse:
Ron Nelson, of Parkersburg, WV was walking through the woods on a chilly, rainy night, looking for the   restroom when he saw an apparition of a horse "with his front legs slightly apart and stiff as if he had just been reined to a stop." Nelson said there was "no doubt in his mind" that he saw a gray horse with a grayish blurred figure atop it. Nelson said he couldn’t see the rider, reins, bridle, or saddle, but recalls the horse's eyes glowed bright yellow, that seemed to see right through him, Nelson said.  Nelson then saw the figure looming above the horse's head, lighter than the rest of the darkness around the horse. The horse stood still while he shined his flashlight on the apparition.

Unexplained Activity:
Former park superintendent, Floyd Clutter and his family have experienced unexplained activity, such as knocks on the door and horse hooves. Clutter's wife reported seeing a hat float past her window one night and his mother once saw a man standing beside a soldier’s grave. The man stepped behind a tree and when she went to look for him, no one was there.

Another park superintendent Napoleon Holbrook, and his family have also experienced some ghostly encounters in the park. Holbrook's wife reported seeing what looked like someone walking through the leaves behind the house and then footsteps on the walk leading into the cellar. Holbrook's daughter came upon a man in uniform sleeping in a chair in her playhouse.

Paranormal Investigations:
A field study was performed in 2005 which confirmed paranormal activity at Droop Mountain Battlefield. Lead Investigator, Rob Ferrell confirmed that, "Droop Mountain Battlefield is actively haunted, a situation in which the "ghosts" appear to understand what is going on and have the capability to communicate."

Investigators received responses when they attempted to communicate with the soldiers which ranged from, "Kill everything," "That's combat," and "What do you want?"

Investigators also captured photographic anomalies which included a "possible moving orb near the observation tower" and "orbs photographed in the field below the cannon and superintendent’s residence." (Reference: http://www.pocahontastimes.com/index....)

> Barlow Top, Slaty Fork, WV 26291
Reports of a young female soaked in blood has been seen digging on the highest spot of Barlow Top.

> Slaty Fork, WV 26291
Reports of a young Indian warrior has been seen pacing along a secluded highway near Slatyfork.

> Big Run, Monongahela National Forest near Cass, WV
Reports of a decapitated male have been seen.

> Cass, WV
Reports of a charred female have been seen in the Cass Historical District late at night.

> Green Bank, WV
Reports of a teenage female dressed in a blood-splattered dress has been seen looking through garbage cans on a Green Bank residential road.

> Chocklett Spring, Monongahela National Forest Hwy 92 near Dunmore, WV
1) There have been reports of an older female carrying a handgun has been seen reading a book by Chocklett Spring before dawn.
2) Reports of a youthful Indian combatant has been seen drinking a soda in this area after midnight.

> Dunmore, WV
Reports of an old Indian chief chatting at night to others unseen.    

> Dunmore Avenue, Dunmore, WV
Reports of an older female maid walking a Cocker Spaniel late at night have been seen on Dunmore Avenue.