The City of Wheeling is not large. The land it covers is only a little bit over 11 square miles. The city sits very close to the state boarder of Ohio and of Pennsylvania .

Wheeling was founded in 1796 and was incorporated in the mid 1830s. A man by the name of Ebenezer Zane was the person to found the city. The city gained popularity primarily because of its convenient location near the Ohio River . The Ohio River was used as a means of transportation of goods, and over time Wheeling became known as the “gateway to the west.”

When West Virginia became an official state, Wheeling was its capital. However, it was only the capital for seven years before the capital was moved to Charleston . However, the capital moved back to Wheeling just five years later. But, ten years later it was moved back to Charleston and has remained there ever since.

Over the course of time, the industries that have been successful in Wheeling have been steel mills, iron mills, glass factories and cigar factories. The city has become popular and well known for all of the steel nails it produces. Wheeling has always been an industrial city, but it is also popular for tourism partly because it contains so much history.