Even though Green Bay is a smaller city that has friendly people in it, the 102,000 people who live in the city know how to have a good time when the sun goes down. There are a number of good bars and restaurants located throughout the city that have both live entertainment and good deals on drinks.

A romantic free activity is to stroll along the lakefront sidewalk at Bay Beach.  Even on summer nights a light jacket helps keep you warm as the cool bay breeze passes during your stroll.   

The best nights to go out in Green Bay are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On Thursday drinks will be even cheaper because many college students go out on Thursday, and the bars try to bring in their business. Before, During, and after a Packer game Stadium View Bar is a great place.  A good sports bar to go to is Brett Favre's Steakhouse. Though this is a fairly new restaurant, it has some great food, and it attracts a lot of sports fans. This has a good atmosphere later on in the night, and the drinks are relatively cheap here.

If you want some entertainment, you can head down to the Oneida Casino. This casino has any game you could think of, as well as live entertainment and fully stocked bars. You can either play the games for a while and test your luck or just sit and enjoy your night with some friends. The entertainment is free, but if you want to just hang out in the casino you will have to pay for a drink or play some games.

A great new Bar KEGGERS that just opened in Green Bay is a place with tons of drink specials that is conveniently located next to the downtown Green Bay hotels including the Holiday Inn.  They have great tap beer and pizza specials on Wednesday, on Thursday they have $1 bottles of beer, they always have $2 Domestic bottles, and they have this great special at midnight on everything.  The atmosphere is like a party and its the new place to go in Green Bay.  Its located down on North Broadway just blocks from the downtown hotels and always a bargain!

Maloney's is a great place to take in a band, get some great bar food, and have a beer. They often have live music on the weekends. The staff is friendly.