One of the best things to do in Green Bay is go see the Packers if you can get tickets. It's hard to get them, but if you plan your trip in advance you should have a good shot at getting them. The Green Bay Packers have a long history, and they are the pride of the team. There is nothing better than going to a game at Lambeau Field on Sunday and watching the home team bring home a win. If you aren't visiting during football season or can't get tickets though, there are a whole bunch of other things you can do. The Bay Beach Amusement Park is a great place to spend a day with a family, and it is a good way to avoid spending a whole lot of money. The Bay Beach Amusement Park has a number of different rides, including water sports and slides. This is the place you would take younger children though, so older children might not enjoy it as much. You can also go to the Bay Beach Wildlife Santuary, which has a number of animals and other sights to see. The santuary is open year round, it is Green Bay's largest city park, and the best part is there is no charge.