In Hayward proper, any good trip starts out in downtown Hayward. Don't
be intimidated, its only one (usually very busy street). Some places to
check out:

TREMBLAY'S SWEET SHOP: Look for the building with all the activity. The
home-made candy is to die for. They make it right in the windows for
your viewing pleasure. The kids will love the candy, you'll love the

WEST'S DAIRY: Some of the best ice cream in the word will be found
here. Try the Almost Sinful, its, well sinful! A bit off the main downtown
drag, just follow the crowds.

HAYWARD BAKERY: Near Tremblay's you'll find a great little bakery. It
attracts the same attention as the previous two locations do.

WINERY: New this year, located near the far end of the strip across
from the only bank you'll see on the strip is a winery.

TRULY WISCONSIN: Just down the road from West's Dairy, a shop for the
chef in you. You will love it!

And if you're not in the mood for food, there are plenty of
collectible, t-shirt, and antique shops for you and the kids to enjoy.

Also don't hesitate to try ANGLER'S BAR AND GRILL for a meal, if its
nice, sit outside. While the service can be a bit pokey at times, its a

Parking can be tight at times, but everything is within walking
distance and parking is free pretty much everywhere.

SHOWS, MINI-GOLF, THE MUSKY HALL OF FAME, and plenty of go-kart action all
within a close distance to MARKETPLACE FOODS, the largest grocery store
in the area. WAL-MART has also recently moved in to town and the CO-OP
IGA gives you 3 grocery choices.

If you desire a drive, the kids may also enjoy AL CAPONE'S HIDEOUT, the
former CAPONE vacation home (about 20-30 minutes) and if the kids enjoy
a waterslide, while not quite of the capacity of a locale such as the
Dells, the campground does have one slide which you can gain admittance
to for a small fee.

For adult fun try the LCO Casino approximately 7-10 miles out of town.
A nice casino with decent pay-outs. Don't forget to fill up the gas
tank at the casino and save a few cents.


The Angry Minnow has a small menu and an even smaller dining area but
the food is great at both

For BBQ: FAMOUS DAVE'S also located 7-10 miles out of town is the
premier BBQ restaurant in my opinion. Fantastic! The Brisket is great and if
you go with a clan try the garbage can lid with ribs and fries to feed
your army. Caution, prices can be high and wait times lengthy. Try
between 2-4 for a late lunch or early dinner and a lesser wait.

For that on the lake atmosphere: While Famous Dave's has it, in my
opinion, BIRCH POINT DOES IT BETTER. Located on Nelson Lake, go on Friday
for the fish fry served family style.

You'll find a variety of other great supper clubs and establishment's
in the area: CLUB 77 has been around for many years and if you have
expensive tastes, it may be for you. Ready for dessert? THE NORSKE NOOK has
allegedly the best midwestern desserts. The pies look amazing, and you
can buy a slice or the whole pie!

Trying to find some other adventures nearby?

Head north out of Hayward towards the town of Cable. In winter time,
the TELEMARK RESORT is known for its skiing and in the summer if memory
serves for its golf.

Continue heading north through the towns of Cable and Drummond until
the road terminates. Hang a right and you can gain access to the town of
Bayfield, a small town with access to Madeline Island and the town of
LaPointe, the only inhabited Apostle Island. You'll have to ferry
across, there you can rent bikes or mopeds and travel the island or if you
take your car do whatever you like. The ferry cost can be a bit steep if
you desire to take an auto however! For food, try MAGGIE'S in Bayfield
which is fantastic.

Skip the nearby ISLE VISTA CASINO if the gambling bug bites, small with
terrible payouts.

If you decide instead to try Ashland you can also enjoy Lake Superior
and its magnificent beaches there. Shopping is available and if you
continue east to the town of Odanah you'll once again find another casino
for you gambling fools. For dining, may I recommend THE DEPOT.  For you
fishermen, plenty of charters are available for between 200-500 dollars
for half to full days so you can enjoy Lake Superior.

One last destination I recommend while on your trip other then the
Superior area for you exercise fanatics (the number of the waterfalls and
walking trails in national and state parks in the area is amazing) is a
detour from the town of Drummond to the town of Barnes. In Drummond
hang a left at the Eau Claire Lakes/Barnes sign for some additional dining
goodness. You may find that you like the Eau Claire Lakes area so much
you may want to stay there. While the number of quality resorts has
dwindled over the years, there are still many while the fishing quality
has improved in recent years. On the Lower Eau Claire you'll find our 4th
of July home away from home in LANTERNWOOD RESORT, one of the few
places with a pool for you summer sun enthusiasts.  Also on the Lower you'll
find FOREST POINT RESORT which features a nine hole golf course (there
are many golf courses in the area including in Hayward), ENCHANTED INN
for those who enjoy camping, and CLEARWATER AND SUNNY POINT RESORTS
which are quite nice.

The Middle Eau Claire Lake has lost resorts over the past 10 years to
condo development of old resorts but BOULDER LODGE still gets the nod.
Avoid BUCK 'N BASS at all costs.
You may also enjoy on the opposite side of the lake VIKING LODGE.

There are also several quality resorts on the Upper Eau Claire and Bony Lake . The Upper is the
cleanest of the lakes in this authors opinion, however the entire chain
is connected and with a small boat, you can navigate from lake to lake
with ease. You may also enjoy traveling between the Middle and Lower
Eau Claire using one of the last hand operated locks in the area. Yes,
your hands!

If snowmobiling is your thing, the TRADING POST has also recently
opened a hotel/motel which I have heard many good things about.

For dining in the Barnes area the TRADING POST in Barnes (not to be
confiused with a similarly named establishment in Gordon/Solon Springs)
makes a great pizza and has an excellent menu. Be prepared to wait, but
it is worth it! The kids can enjoy the game room as well. Note this is a
bar but is not the least bit dirty.

Also in the Barnes area several other establishments receive frequent
visits during my travels: SAGE'S SALOON is definitely small but has a
great menu. Wednesday's all you can eat chicken wings sounds bland but
are excellent while the Saturday rib special is fantastic. GEORGIA'S BAR
AND GRILL is also small but also has a great menu. A spaghetti special
mid week is fantastic and other specials are served almost daily.

There's just not enough bang for your buck there.

If you're going with the kids, a couple of days in Hayward, and a
couple to enjoy the surrounding towns may do, especially if you're one for
little or no down time. If you enjoy a beach, skiing, or snowmobiling
find a quiet resort and take a week. Traveling as a couple, depending on
your desires, a day in Hayward while spending a day in
Bayfield/Ashland, will suffice while taking whatever days you desire for your other
activities will do. While the area is very enjoyable, a week at most, will

Don't forget to enjoy the sounds of the birds, the beauty of the
forests, and do what suits you best. Plenty of local websites can guide you
to what you enjoy most in the area, for every season!