The best time to visit Milwaukee is definitely the summer season!  From June to September, there is terriffic sunshine and warm days - averaging from the mid-70's to the upper 80's (even hitting the low 90's in mid-July and August).  The nights remain somewhat cooler -- around the mid-60's which is perfect for dining outside.  Many of the local restaurants take advantage of this and offer outdoor seating during these months!  If you are planning a visit, one of the best months to visit is June to take advantage of Summerfest, the world's largest musical festival (see ).  You can enjoy plenty of great music during the festival, not to mention eating some fabulous bratwurst, local artisanal cheese, and drinking what Milwaukee is most famous for, great beer!  If you cannot make it for Summerfest, join us for one of the other many festival which take place in the summer including Irish Fest, German Fest, and Greek Fest or comefor the Wisconsin State Fair and celebrate many of the local traditions.