A virtual game where you go on a quest. {search through areas, play games, find wizards, [4] and save all four to get the prize of a discount}

Fun for family and expecially kids, dark place but well lighted where it needs be; you have to climb down tunnels (unless you would like to walk, there are stairs available) stairs aren't available to all hiding places, tunnels, so must be a person who can access through tunnels and what not (that's the great part for kids!!).

Mythical creatures everywhere (not living), there will be guides to help you if need be. Also there is a brief introductory on what's what before you even start. There is a time limit for you to answer and find the wizards. The points you earn for exploring the 4 relams are descriptions so you can answer some of the questions on a list you get. Those answer will give you glimmer points, to free the wizards.