Just got back from Cody Wy. Nice town...truely the old west with a bit of a twist.

Old Trail Town was very cool. Admission is $8.00 per person, with the proceeds going directly to the upkeep of the town.

Its right on Yellowstone Avenue, easy in easy out.

Very historic


Please note that if you want to see Buffalo Bills Grave, you have to walk a bit over stoney ground, just to the north of the old town. Not a far walk by any means, but if you just stick to the street in old trail town, you will miss it.

Nice people who run the place too. They are willing to give you a bit of a discount.

Just a nice couple trying to make ends meet while improving their historic town.



NOTE:  Buffalo Bill Cody is NOT buried at Old Trail Town.  However, his grandson, Bill Garlow, is buried there.  Buffalo Bill supposedly is buried outside Denver.