There are 7 companies offering WHITEWATER trips on the Snake River in Jackson Hole. 

All companies in the Jackson Hole area raft the same section of river for whitewater trips. They run an 8-mile stretch of class II-III water on the Snake River 25 miles south of the town of Jackson, between Hoback Junction and Alpine WY on highway 89.  Companies typically provide transport to the river from an office in the town of Jackson, or you may be able to meet at the river if preferred.  Trips begin at West Table River access and end at Sheep Gulch take out. Trip time including transportation to and from the river is 3-4 hours.  Time on the water varies from 1-2 hours depending on river flow and wind conditions.  

The river is big volume with canyon constriction forming wave-train rapids, not mid-stream rocks.  The minimum age for kids is usually 6, but may be higher depending on river conditions and raft size. Larger rafts holding 10-16 have traditionally been used due to larger spring runoffs. Some companies run a few smaller rafts when high-water season is over, typically around July 1, but with much variation to that date.  All companies offer the larger more stable rafts, most  offer "8 man rafts" which is fewer people in a slightly smaller raft, and some offer "Small  Boats" (the littlest rafts with 8 or fewer guests.) There is a difference between a "small boat," and an "8-man raft". Ask your outfitter how many people they put in their rafts.

Companies are permitted through the Forest Service.  They are required to have  insurance and certifications for their guides.  Each company has a different personality and size.  Some variations offered among outfitters are: meals riverside or at their office,  over night camping trips, early morning breakfast trips, combination trips offering both whitewater and scenic rafting, u-paddle or oar frames on stern or center.  

Pricing is competitive and includes lifevests, paddles, and  transportation to and from the river.  Most companies also provide rain gear free of charge. This is a terrific trips for families, and anyone who want to have some fun and get wet. It is not considered a gnarly fear for your life whitewater trip, but is a real whitewater rafting experience. Many commercial rafters on this stretch of the Snake River are novices. Those looking for more thrills seek high water season or smaller rafts.