In Jackson, there are many scenic float trips offered, so it is hard to choose which company to book. Unlike the white-water trip companies that all float the same route in the Snake River Canyon, the scenic tours float a few differing routes. Not all raft companies are licensed to float in Grand Teton National Park. 

Trips that float in the Snake through the National Park are the original scenic float trips and typically meet at the ramp in Moose in Grand Teton National Park. If you are interested in outstanding photographs of the Tetons from the Snake River, find a company that is licensed to operate in Grand Teton National Park. Ask the tour operator before you book. The trips outside the park have view of the Tetons from a more distant southern aspect, and typically meet at a company office in the town of Jackson.  The Deadman's to Moose section of the river inGTNP is one of best stretches of river for scenic views and wildlife in the lower 48. Floats in the South Park area run through the most prolific bald eagle nesting habitat in the lower 48.  If you want fantastic photo opportunities take an early morning trip. The best wildlife viewing is typically the late evening trip that gets in just before dark.