Wyoming is the kind of place that makes you want to sit around a campfire, warming your hands and squinting into flickering flames as the person across from you gravely retells a local legend. If you don’t happen to stumble upon any willing storytellers during your visit to Jackson, you can get your fill from Campfire Tales of Jackson Hole , edited by Merlin Potts. The book is a short (96 page) but sweet anthology of lore from Jackson’s frontier past. Read a couple of chapters before you arrive in town - it’s perfect bedtime reading.

For those of you who might want to read about Jackson Hole in the "old days" Jack Huyler's book, And That’s the Way It Was In Jackson’s Hole is an excellent read.  If you visit in the summer, Jack tells a story each Monday evening at the weekly Hootenanny located at Dornan's in Moose. 

Non-fiction readers will be pleased to note that the town has been producing a newspaper and magazine in addition to its many tall tales. The Jackson Hole News and Guide doesn’t have the best web site – there are some missing links and organization problems – but it’s easily purchased at any newsstand or convenience store in town. The paper is a reliable source of information about local events and weather conditions. If you’d rather do your reading online, take a look at the Jackson Hole Explorer , a web-based travel magazine presented by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. Here you’ll find detailed tourism tips regarding outdoor activities, accommodations, and transportation.