Saratoga is a very small, western town located at the base of the Medicine Bow mountains on the high desert plains. Established over 100 years ago, the Native Americans came here to bathe in the natural hot pools. Today, weary travelers can stretch their legs and soothe their souls in those very same waters at the free Saratoga Hot Springs (aka Hobo Pool) located on the Southeast side of town. Open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week except when being cleaned. The only thing the locals ask is don't bathe nude, and don't bring alcohol.          Saratoga does not have a lot of the big city amenities that many of the visitors are used to, but  have lots to offer. There are only 4 restaurants in town, and a hot dog shop. The grocery store upon the hill by the airport offers most of the basics, and then some. There is also a liquor store. The historical significance of the Upper North Platte Valley can be seen out on the prairies. The wagon ruts of the Overland Trail, Kit Carson trail, and the Cherokee trail are still very visible to the north of town, and if you travel into the Snowy Range, about 15 miles south and east of Saratoga you will discover logging roads, old homesteads and cabins galore. Further down the road to Encampment stands the museum with an entire town reconstructed to show the lifestyle of the late 1800's in this area.  A must see is the two story outhouse. Yes, the snow got deep here, still does at times. Tie cutters, cattle barons and hunting expeditions came and went through this sacred valley. Thomas Edison was here to fish in Battle Lake. Homesteaders and ranchers began to arrive in the 1870's. Please visit the  website at to find out more about this wonderful valley.