How to Hike down to kealakekua bay. The hike down is about 45 minutes - up maybe an hour or a bit more dependent on fitness. Not hard but BRING WATER

Park (or get dropped off) at Napoopoo road in Captain Cook town. 

Find the telephone pole labelled No. 4 [Note: in Dec 09 part of it was chipped off so could be misread for No.1 but if you look closely you can see the broken off part and it also has a faint arrow underneath it). Another way to know is that if you walk downhill on Napoopoo road from the main road when you walk past a street with a stop sign then you walked too far.

Next to telephone pole No. 4 is a small dirt road which is the beginning of the hike. You know you are on the right road when after a few hundred meters there is another small dirt road veering off to the right (don't take that  - carry on straight). First part is quite dense with bushes but it thinns out after a while. Carry on - don't question yourself once you are at the bottom you are in the best snorkeling place you can imagine. 

Ideally bring aqua socks