You’ll never need to bring a coat or even long pants to Koloa; like the rest of Hawaii, it is an island paradise. There are very few weather variations throughout the Hawaiian islands, since they all lie at similar latitudes. Koloa, located on the southern coast of the westernmost island of Kauai, has two seasons: summer from April to October, and winter from November to March. Temperatures stay within a pleasant 10-degree average of 70 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round with greater fluctuations in rainfall. The heavy rains and the storm seasons coincide with winter, but there is only minimal rainfall during the summer. Brief, light showers are common and often enjoyable, as the rainwater is warm.

Koloa has had several massive storms and problems with flooding the past few winters. In February of 2006, thunderstorms in Koloa resulted in the damage of several homes, and waters reached near-record levels for several days. Winter is the tourist off-season, though, so if you choose to travel during rainy months you could save a lot of money. If you do so, you’ll need to check storm warnings and Eastern Pacific hurricane warnings before your visit, and don’t forget those rain boots! Traveling to Koloa in the summer avoids all of these problems: even umbrellas are unnecessary during these months, since rainfall is extremely light.