Hana's Red Sand Beach is one of the most secluded beaches in the world. The beach is relatively small and features a lagoon that is protected from the rough surf by a natural volcanic levee. There is much discussion about crossing private property to get to the beach. Yes, you do cross private property. All beaches in Hawaii are indeed public but you don't have the right to cross private property to get to them. Proceed at your own risk. Trespassing laws and the danger of this trail may get you into more trouble than it's worth.

The best place to park is in the Hana Bay parking lot. There are always spaces near the harbor pier. Park and walk up to Uakea Road and turn left (south). Walk on Uakea Road past the Hana Community Center on your left. Here there will be a sign, "Official Parking Business Only." There is also a yellow gate. Continue past the Community Center to about 100-150 yards toward the end of the road. Here you will see a second yellow gate on the left and a grassy field. Just left of the gate there is a trail of use that leads to the field. Here you are only 15 minutes from Red Sand Beach.

There are 3 light posts at the EDGE of the field. Walk to the middle light post. Here an easy trail takes you down to the rocky beach. Stay on the rock beach. You will see some trails above the beach, but these trails are dangerous. Instead, walk to your left on the rocks about 120 yards. Walking among the rocks is slow but not dangerous. You soon will get to a point where you must take a trail that climbs up to the left. Climb up the trail and soon you will be able to see Red Sand Beach and the Lagoon. There are places on this trail where it is too narrow and exposed for you to safely pass someone walking in the opposite direction. Be Careful!

Like many other secluded places in Hawaii, you should be prepared for nudity. Don't be surprised if you run into a self-appointed "Beach Marshal," who is eager to inform those from the mainland (also called insane land by some locals) about unwritten rules against photography on the beach. Take your photos from the vistas as you walk the trail above the waves. The locals don't tend to appreciate anyone taking photos at the beach. Another thing: don't be surprised if local visitors smoke . . . something other than cigarettes.

In summary, walking the rocky beach is slow, but easy. The climb up over the rocks is not difficult, but narrow and exposed in a few places. The beach is truly unique and memorable experience. It's well worth the minor difficulties. Snorkeling is excellent in the Lagoon.

PS--The Blue Pool, once a popular destination in Hana, is above the high tide line and therefore those who try to go there tend to be treated very rudely. DON'T TRY TO VISIT THE BLUE POOL: There is no public access to this place; you will be trespassing.