Most people visit Bar Harbor during the summertime. Not only is summer the best season in terms of average temperatures, but it’s also the time of year when most of the activities in Bar Harbor take place.

Summer days in Bar Harbor usually have an average in the upper 70s or low 80s (Fahrenheit), but the nights can be pretty chilly and the temperature can fall into the 50s (Fahrenheit). It’s possible for the daily temperature to be lower than 70 degrees, so tourists should come prepared with the proper clothing. Bar Harbor can get frequent rain storms in the summertime, so rain gear is a necessity.

Though summer days are grand and certainly a treat if you're from a hot & humid climate, for truly golden moments you have to be around MDI in the ballpark of the 3rd week of September. Most of the summer businesses stay open through at least some point in October, too.  Just something to consider, particularly if you've visited BH in the past during the summertime.

The fall in Bar Harbor is a bit cooler than the summer with the average daily temperature around 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) and the average nightly temperature around 40 degrees (Fahrenheit). There can be absolutely glorious Indian Summer days, unquestionably a bit of heaven on earth; however, before and after that sun is high in the sky it is good and nippy. A little cold nipping at your nose is a pleasure of autumn, but not if you've packed shorts and a light sweater! The wind can also be chilly as it comes off the water, so a warm and waterproof jacket is a must – due to the fact that it might rain. Fall weather brings wonderful changing colors of foliage (it can be absolutely electric!) and the crowds have thinned quite a bit (fair amount of cruise ships though), so this is a popular time of year to visit and see Bar Harbor’s unique beauty.

Be aware that the cruise ships are still quite busy, even in late September coming into Bar Harbor. This can mean an extremely busy downtown and not very relaxing, trying to fight the crowds of people that have now come into town.  If looking for a quite low key new England experience do not visit during these days!!

The springtime in the Bar Harbor area is often rainy and cool. However, the rain encourages all of the trees to start growing new leaves and the flowers to start blooming. Also, birds who are residents of Bar Harbor begin to return at this time of year.

The winter in Bar Harbor, which lasts from December through February (optimisticallly speaking), is not always very pleasant. Because the average daily temperature is right around 30 degrees (Fahrenheit), freezing rain can occur. This is the least popular time to travel to the area as a tourist.  "Spring" on MDI doesn't reliably stay until May; "mud season" precedes that by several weeks, and "d*mn cold" by many if not most non-Maineaics' standards lasts at least to that point.  So pack layers and enough of them.