City Hall from Beaucatcher Mountain 

There are three mountains within the city limits of Asheville and near downtown: Sunset Mountain , Town Mountain and Beaucatcher Mountain. So many visitors in downtown will point to these mountains with thousands of houses flanking their sides and ask, “How do I get up there?”. This short route is Asheville’s version of a mini-Mulholland Drive along Sunset and Town Mountains, with one significant difference: no pull-offs or overlooks. The views you will enjoy are between the trees and the terribly overpriced houses along the route. Stopping is not particularly recommended, since the entire route has many blind curves. Town Mountain Road is also the only commuter artery to downtown for these mountainside neighborhoods.

The city views from above on Town Mountain Road are quite nice, especially at sunset. You will get a glimpse of Scotty's Castle near the summit.  This great 1920s stone mansion with a large tower on top served as a playground form many Asheville youth, as it was empty and derilect for many years.  Thankfully, the new owners have restored this Asheville landmark. Pay particular attention on the final descent into downtown Asheville off Town Mountain Road. This is that classic picture postcard view of the downtown skyline with Mt. Pisgah looming up behind it to the west.

  • Head north on Charlotte Street for about one mile from downtown Asheville (Exit 5B on I-240). Or left on Charlotte Street leaving downtown on Tunnel Road before reaching Beaucatcher Tunnel.
  • Turn right on Macon Avenue follow it up to Grove Park Inn. There are some spectacular houses and condo complexes along Macon Avenue, many of which were built back in the 1920s. Look for The Manor and Longchamps. Grove Park Inn is the only other attraction in Asheville, other than the Biltmore Estate, that would fit into the “You must see it to believe it category”. By all means, stop if you haven’t seen it! Unlike most of this route, the view is totally unobstucted from the terrace.
  • Just beyond Grove Park Inn in on Macon Avenue make a sharp right (almost U turn) onto Old Toll Road. 
  • Turn right on highway 694 (Town Mountain Road) at the terminus of Old Toll Road, and follow this road all the way back to very close to where you started in downtown Asheville.