If you're visiting Boston in the springtime, you are bound to get some rainy days. Don't worry, there are plenty of indoor activities to keep you and the kids occupied.

If you ARE travelling with kids, never fear, Boston has a number of fantastic ways to let them burn off some energy and sometimes even learn something in the process.  The Museum of Science is a perennial favorite. It is huge -- even a whole day might not exhaust the exhibits. It also has the added benefit of holding a steady stream of live event/displays and has an iMax theatre as well. The New England Aquarium features a multi-story central tank surrounded by a spiral walkway that let's users move up the tank (or down -- a problem when the strollers are out in force!). It also features an active and entertaining assortment of penguins. Definitely a kid favorite. But especially on weekends, try to get there right when it opens to avoid the crowds. Get a Go Boston Card to not only get in to the Aquarium (and pretty much everything else), but also skip the lines. The Boston Children's Museum is a huge hit with the younger kids, although has a bit less to offer the parents than the Aquarium or the MOS. That said, watching your kid have a blast with bubbles, running through tubes, climbing their three-story " climbing sculpture" is not a bad thing, and it is one of the best places to wear them out when the weather is keeping you indoors. Parking is not great at the BCM, so take the T to South Station if you can -- its probably a shorter walk than if you drive and try to park. The Harvard Museum of Natural History doesn't compare with the ones in NY or DC, but still worth a visit if you are in that part of Cambridge. The Kronosaurus skeleton is not something you'll see elsewhere, nor is the collection of glass flowers. One final idea is "Tomb" an interactive adventure/problem solving "expedition" that is a lot of fun for the whole family.

If you are NOT travelling with kids, Boston has a wide variety of top notch museums and activities that will keep you out of the weather. Any of the attractions that follow could be enjoyed by children, but more typically, these museums are geared for an older crowd.  The Museum of Fine Art is just what the name implies -- an a great way to get out of the weather. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum has a top notch collection of works (including Titian's Europa ) all housed in a Venetian style palazzo and gets rave reviews. The Institute of Contemporary Art is ideal for folks looking for works of art that are a little more...contemporary than the MFA or the Gardner (although both also have contemporary art works). And that goes for its stunning new building. A little bit off the beaten path, but still right in the heart of things is the Mapparium -- a giant stained glassed map of the world before WWII that you view from a cat walk that cuts through the middle of the structure. It won't help you kill a ton of time -- maybe an hour -- but is an interesting an unusual Boston sight.

If museums aren't your thing, head over to the Boston Common's Lowes movie theater to catch the latest flick and maybe when you get out, the sun will be shining again (it really is like they say, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait five minutes!"). Or just head out an ignore the rain all together -- you won't be alone. The Duck Tour and the Trolleys will still be running and you can also duck into the great restaurants along Newbury St, in the North End, or Charles St. to dry off and recharge your batteries.