New York's Chinatown, in downtown Manhattan, has one of the largest populations of Chinese people outside of Asia.  Its strong link to Chinese culture can be experienced by trying the delicious authentic cuisines found in its restaurants, specialty shops, and markets. This area has grown and diversified to include many other Asian populations including Vietnamese and Malaysians, which can be seen in the grocery stores and restaurants that feature foods and products from all around Asia. 

The best way to experience the diverse culinary treasures of this area, is to go on a food tour led by an expert who knows all of the premier, authentic eateries.  New York Food Tours has a Tastes of Chinatown tour led by a Chinatown local that explores Taiwanese, Shanghais, Pekingese, Cantonese, and Hong Kong cuisines.  You will have the opportunity to try Cantonese BBQ and jerky, Peking dumplings, Shanghai scallion pancakes, Taiwanese teas, and dim sum. This tour is an informative and delicious culinary adventure, a perfect way to experience the rich cultures of Chinatown! They also feature an Exotic Southeast Asian Tour of downtown Manhattan that explores Malaysian and Vietnamese cuisines.  This eclectic tour includes tastes of Chinese pastries, dumplings, and jerky; Malaysian satay and curry; and Vietnamese sandwiches. 

Foods of New York offers a highly rated tour on Mondays with their Explore Chinatown Food and Culture Walking Tour.

To gain greater insights into the culture check out MOCA- the Museum of Chinese Americans. Their docents also provide tours.