A limousine ride should be an experience in itself but you also have to plan ahead to make the trip between destinations a memorable one. Of course, hiring the right limo company is crucial to making the whole experience unforgettable. You don’t want the vehicle to break down in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere, while you are inside partying. Also, consider getting a stretch limo for a large wedding or prom party so the passengers won’t be cramped inside.

Bring your own champagne

Although most New York limo rentals offer free champagne bottles inside the limo, they are not enough to satiate the thirst of a large party. Not to mention, that you get to choose the bottle as opposed to the more generic brand of champagne offered by the limo service company (hey, they have to maximize their profits, too). You can also stock up on beers on a water cooler to make the ride to the reception more fun. Be careful, however, you don’t want to be so drunk that you will end up sleeping in the reception area. That would be too embarrassing. Careful also not to mess up inside the limo as you will pick up the tab for the cleaning service.

Bring your own mix CD

You can opt for romantic and sappy love songs and it would certainly be apropos to the situation if you are going to attend a wedding or prom. Your own mix CD containing the favorite music of your friends and family members will make the limo ride a more personal one. It will be more fun singing along to your favorite tunes and sipping champagne while inside the limo in NY .

Takes lots of pictures

Don’t trust your brain to remember what happened during the limo ride. Bring your digital camera and take as many photos as you can. Then you can relive the experience—and maybe poke fun at each other while finding out something new that your friends or family members did based on the photos that would otherwise have been lost forever because nobody noticed it.