When it comes to keeping kosher, New York has several good places to enjoy delicious meals while under this special dietary restriction. The following are some well known favorites among Jewish New Yorkers and travelers.

Dunkin' Donuts:  There's a new Dunkin' Donuts that's Kosher LeMehadrin now serving the Upper West Side Community (Amsterdam Ave. and 94th St.) with a menu full of coffee beverages, yummy donuts (sufganyot on Chanukkah), bagels, sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, and catering menu.  Using the code MKTG101 gets you 10% off any order over $50.

Pizza: Jerusalem II Pizza, also known as J2 Pizza, serves delicious pizza, fries, and other specialties in this category for a cheap price and is right in the heart of Manhattan. Circa New York,  which has one location with a dairy menu, serves scrumptious pan pizzas and other similar items for a good price.

Chinese: Eden Wok, which has a location by Central Park, serves delicious Chinese food , sushi, and other Chinese specialties and has a buffet every Monday evening for a fine price.

Other: Other locations, which serve everything from juicy steaks to enormus sandwhiches, include Le Maris, a kosher French steakhouse, Mr. Broadway's, Kosher Delight, Kosher Deluxe, The Prime Grill, Most Favorite Dessert Company, and more. And if they offer it, don't forget the delicious desserts, anywhere from your standard ice cream to Creme` Caramel Parfume`e a` L`Orange! Check online for a complete listing of restaurants.