Out & About in Manhattan 

Do you want to get away from the hustle of the city, do you like to walk.

You can take a Three Bridge walk starting in Williamsburg and ending up back on Manhattan Island from Brooklyn Bridge.

Take a subway downtown & get off near the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg bridge. Locate the subway to Williamsburg,  just around the corner on Delancy Street.

Get the subway to the first stop in Williamsburg, locate the pedestrian walkway, then start a really pleasant walk back across the bridge, and ended up right back at the subway station, on Delancy Street, keep walking until you do a left turn on to Bowery.

Continue along Bowery until you hit China Town and the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge, over the bridge, when you get to Brooklyn, come off a go back on yourself a little (crossing Pearl Street) then around the corner & you are looking at The Brooklyn Bridge.

Walk along the side of the roadway until you get  to the pedestrian entrance, (you could do a slight detour either along Cadman Plaza or straight out along Clark street to the Brooklyn Esplanade).

Then it's a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan & City Hall.

If you want either take a subway back uptown, or walk back up to Midtown. The walk can take about three hours at a leisurely pace and it is about 13 miles if you walk all the way.

The first two bridges are not that good for unhindered photographs, but you do get some good views back on to Manhattan.

The Brooklyn bridge is by far the best for views of Manhattan and Liberty Island.

If that's too much of a walk, why not try just the Manhattan & Brooklyn, or even hop on a subway to Brooklyn & then walk across the bridge, quite a short.

Another walk you can do, is to get the cable car to Roosevelt Island, walk up the island across the Roosevelt Bridge into Queens and then back across the Queensboro Bridge, again these bridges are not so good for photographs but it 's a nice little walk & does not take too long and you can spend some time walking out to the lighthouse on Roosevelt if you want.

Another good walk is the obvious Central Park, you can spend hours in there away from the noise and the crowds.

Try walking down some or all of the Hudson River, along the Marina, around Battery Park and round to Pier 17 by the Brooklyn Bridge.

How about a subway to Coney Island and walk the boardwalk to the other end of Brighton Beach.

There really are lots of places you can walk to see the many sights and get away from the crowds, and when you are in Manhattan you never feel unsafe.

In New York, there is so much to see and do.