Extending from 59th to 110th streets between 5th and 8th avenues [Central Park West], Central Park is one of the iconic sights of New York City.  While it may appear to be a beautiful natural area, be aware that it is entirely man-made except for the glacier scarred protruding rocks.  It is claimed that more earth was moved in its construction than in that of the Panama Canal.  The intent of the park's designers was to present as many varied landscapes as possible within the given area.  One encounters lakes, hills, forest, formal gardens, and a vast lawn.  The various bridges and arches of the park enhance the charm of the place.  There are several hidden roads that cross the park---only the sound of the traffic gives them away.

In the 1970s, the park became symbolic of urban crime and a place to avoid.  Fortunately, those days are long gone and the park attracts huge numbers of visitors from all over the world.  The operation of the park has been given over to the Central Park Conservancy, a not for profit group suppported by the city and the inhabitants surrounding the park.  Recent years have seen a great deal of park land renovation and restoration of historic bridges, etc.

A great place for a stroll. You can start anywhere you'd like. Just walk in at 59th and wander in. Check out the local artists and their wares.  Head over to the zoo. Check out the Dairy, now the spot for shopping. Ride the carousel or skate at Wollman rink. Stop by Strawberry Fields and at West 72nd Street see The Dakota. You can do the usual horse-drawn carriage ride or ride a horse yourself! Sit for a bit along the mall and reminisce about all who sat there before you. Take in lunch at the boathouse or just buy food from the many vending carts. See the Obelisk at the back of The Met. Walk through the tunnels and emerge out to daylight and see the fountain. Continue on around the reservoir. And finally reach the ducks on the pond.

Carriage ride in C

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