Russian and Turkish Baths

  • 268 East 10th Street (Between 1st Ave. and Ave. A)
  • Hours: CO-ED-Monday, Tuesday, Friday 12PM-10 PM, Wednesday 2PM-10PM, Thursday 5PM-10PM, Saturday 9AM-10PM;
  • WOMEN ONLY- Wednesday 10AM-2PM;  MEN ONLY- Thursday 12PM-5PM, Sunday 8AM-2PM
  • Website:  Russian and Turkish Baths
  • How much:  $30 for as long as you can stand the heat!
  • The scene:  Hipsters, old timers, young people, celebs, toursists, and everyone else enjoying the heat and lack of pretension.
  • What to bring:  You don't really need to bring anything...  They supply a robe, shorts, sandals, and plenty of towels.  A lot of people bring their own sandals and a swimsuit.