Red Canyon - an excellent taster for its bigger brother Bryce Canyon

The Red Canyon area is often overlooked by tourists as it is located at the western end highway 12, the road to Bryce Canyon, which is most tourists' main goal. If you have even a short amount of time take the opportunity for a few stops for some photos in the sunshine and walk one or more of the great trails. So get busy snapping photos of red rock walls and pinnacles and the small river. The colors of the rocks are very red because of the iron oxide (rust) in the sandstone. Further down the road visit the Indian stores. Then a few miles later Bryce Canyon fascinates the visitor. It is recommended to take enough time on the way to Bryce Canyon and to devote an hour or so to Red Canyon, which is often deserted.Take some pictures that could make a commercial calendar. What a unique spot.
Red Canyon: within Dixie National Forest, a stone's throw away from Bryce Canyon, lies Red Canyon - a stop which should not be missed by anyone traveling between Bryce and Zion National Parks.