To know more about this town, its history and the social changes, there are some books that touch on some of Little Rock's major political and social events of the 20th century.

1957 was a conflictive year for Little Rock. That year, several black students were chosen to attend Little Rock's Central High. This initiative gave way to a series of violent actions of refusal and support from the different groups of the community. Several books describe those dramatic events: The Long Shadow of Little Rock: A Memoir by Daisy Bates; Warriors Don't Cry : Searing Memoir of Battle to Integrate Little Rock by Melba Patillo Beals; and Days of Courage: The Little Rock Story (Stories of America) by Mel Williges and Richard Kelso.

Another book that follows this historical approach is Little Rock: One from the Heart by Bill Worthen. The writer touches the 1957 event but presents a wider perspective including the whole history of Little Rock including the Clinton era. The book contains pictures taken by famed regional photographers.

Another book that presents a visual history of Little Rock is Little Rock (Scenes of America) by Steven and Ray Hanley. The authors includes historical photographs and postcards of the city's old days.

 For people who love getting outdoors on vacation: Trails of Central Arkansas, by Johnnie Chamberlin, provides maps and detailed descriptions of numerous hiking, biking, and paddling trails around Little Rock.