Dayton has a four season climate, each season taking on its distinctive own personality. Spring starts out wet and then blooms with flowers, summer is hot, sunny, and humid, fall boasts beautiful foliage, and winters see snow and cold temperatures. Late spring through fall are the best times to visit Dayton as winters are quite cold. Temperatures regularly drop below zero during the coldest months. To take advantage of Dayton's many attractions, its definitely best to visit during the warm months. If you are up for the nose-biting temperatures however, Christmas season is the best of the winter in Dayton.

There are several great events that may encourage you to come at particular times. The end of July has one of the largest of them that locals and visitors love, the Vectren Dayton Air Show. The birthplace of Aviation is the only place that could rightfully host such an event; aviation lovers flock to this showcase of some of the world's best planes.

But no matter what season you choose to visit, there will be something on tap and the museums will be open. Check with the events and festivals page for more information on planning around certain celebrations as well. The Dayton Daily News has a website called Active Dayton that lists all events for the week and by the month.  Many people don't realize that just outside of Dayton are many quaint towns such as Troy, Yellow Springs and Waynesville.  Each has different festivals and bike paths and shops to see.