Bradenton is a small town of about 50,000 located along the Gulf of Mexico on Florida's western shore. Though there is a notable Hispanic/Latino community (as well as a sizable African-American population), the majority of the town's people are of Caucasian descent. The town markets itself primarily as a place of mild weather and beautiful beaches. Most of the city's industries are climate-dependent, whether it is attracting tourists to the Anna Maria Island with warm weather or acting as home base for Tropicana Products, one of the world's largest producers of orange juice and a key player in Bradenton's economy.

Much of Bradenton's culture is also tied to the natural beauty of its land. There are numerous parks operated on the city, state and national level in the area, preserving the flora and fauna of the region for future generations. The history of Bradenton, which dates back to the Pleistocene era, when Native Americans first settled the land, is on display at the South Florida Museum.

One of the most interesting things about Bradenton is that it seems to be a popular place to settle among celebrities. Well-known residents of the small town include tennis players Max Miryni and Maria Sharapova. The famous actor Sean Connery also owns a house in Bradenton.