For being a ski resort paradise first and wilderness retreat second, the vibrant culture of Mammoth Lakes is unexpected. 

The town hosts numerous art and music festivals, particularly in the summer.  In July and August you can hear jazz, blues, country western, and classical blaring from the various ensembles that gather in the Mammoth area to give guests some sitting time between hikes, climbs, and canoes.

The Mammoth Art Guild puts on festivals, mostly around winter holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  Business, patrons, and artists are heavily involved with each one, enough so as to keep each festival a separate and strong annual tradition.

The Mammoth Ski Museum houses an artistic history in facts and artifacts, giving guests an idea of what the mountainous region was like at its settlement in the 1800’s, as well as 300 years prior.

And in the performing arts, the Sierra Classic Theater has been open for five years, putting on productions of Shakespeare and Moliere and other literary geniuses. 

Though Mammoth arts are not as great as its Lakes and its Mountain, they are more than satisfactory and certainly should not to be dismissed.