Mummers Museum

1100 S. 2nd. St.

Philadelphia, Penna. (215)336-3050

Starting in 1901 the Mummers New Years Day Parade has become a Philadelphia tradition. The Mummers are a group of banjo strummers, saxophone players, and musical and comical acts all marching down the street. They are decked out in bejeweled costumes decorated with multi colored feathers. Each year the different groups begin to prepare for the next. The costumes rage from the beautiful to the wacky and can earn various prizes. The Mummers are something that has  to be experienced they’re a bit hard to explain.

This is an old Philadelphia tradition dating back to pre colonial times. You can certainly see a blend of many cultures; Swedish, Finnish, Irish, English, German, African-American and people of many different European ancestries.

The Mummers strut is famous worldwide and once they start to strut you can’t see anything like them anyplace else in the world.

The Mummers Museum holds a large gallery of costumes from the past. Visitors can march with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or compose their own Mummers melody. There’s a pirate ship to walk on and a video catching the memories of past parades. Be sure to make a stop at the gift shop to buy a variety of miniature Mummers dolls.

You can only find this in Philadelphia.