Astoria is the oldest city west of the Rocky Mountains in the United States, and encompasses a tradition of traveling and discovery that goes back to 1811, when it was founded. To engage in the 21st century in a journey somewhat similar to the ones our ancestors pursued, here are some books that you may like to read:

Astoria: An Oregon History by Karen L. Leedom. A chronological history of Astoria from the 1500's to the present day. The author covers all aspects of Astoria's history. Includes many photos, and three modern-day walking tours to allow the reader to experience a tiny bit of living history.

- Columbia River: The Astoria Odyssey by Bryan Penttila.  This book brings alive the tough but extraordinary everyday lives of those who lived in early Astoria, including native Indians, trappers, loggers and fishermen. Includes over 100 historical photos.

- The Discovery of the Oregon Trail: Robert Stuart's Narratives of His Overland Trip Eastward from Astoria in 1812-13 by Philip Ashton Rollins. In 1810, Robert Stuart helped found a trading post in Astoria, which failed. This book follows his journey back to the eastern US, where he describes the regions he traveled through that in the mid 19th century would become the Oregon Trail. First published 1935.

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