Getting around in Astoria without a car is actually quite easy.  If you’re staying in a downtown hotel, many shops and restaurants are within walking distance. If you plan on visiting one of Astoria's most popular attractions, the Astor Column, choose one of the transportation options listed at the end of this article, as it's too far to walk.

The most enjoyable way by far to see some of the sights in town is to catch the Riverfront Trolley (Old 300) that runs from the Red Lion to the foot of 39th Street along the riverfront.  The volunteer conductors narrate the history of Astoria which is fun and informative as well.  BridgeWater Bistro, Baked Alaska, the Cannery Cafe and the Ship Inn are some riverfront restaurants where you can stop on the trolley run.   If you’re visiting the Columbia River Maritime Museum (highly recommended), there is a stop directly in front of the museum which is very convenient. Note -- the trolley runs only from Memorial Day through Labor Day!    

Other than the Trolley there is an excellent bus system, four taxi companies and a shuttle service serving  Astoria and the surrounding communities.

Bus: (503) 861-7433

Taxi: Regal Coach Taxi (503)325-8715 Mom's Cab (503)325-8210 Old Grey Cab (503)338-6030 & Royal Cab (503)325-5818

Shuttle: Coast Shuttle (503)791-7913

 Old 300 (Riverfront Trolley) As Seen In Front of the Maritime Museum

The Riverfront Trolley in Astoria