The neighborhood of greatest interest to visitors to Silver City is the Historic Downtown area, which roughly encompasses the area bounded by Bullard St. on the east, Cooper St. on the west, College St. on the north, and San Vicente St. on the south. Bullard St. is the main shopping street, while many of the art galleries can be found on Yankie St. and Texas St.

Note that some maps of the area (most notably Google's) show N. Main Street running parallel to Bullard. This is incorrect, because flash floods in the late 1890's and 1900's dropped most of Main St. about 60 feet, forming what is now known as Big Ditch Park.

Oddly enough, while visitors to Silver City spend most of their time walking around Historic Downtown, many local residents don't come Downtown from one month (or even one year!) to the next, preferring to do most of their shopping out on US Hwy 180-- but if you've seen one Wal-Mart, you've seen 'em all. Downtown is where Silver City shows that it's alive and thriving.