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Getting around in Silver City is no big deal. Pick up a street map at the Visitor Center at the corner of Hudson St. and Broadway.

One minor annoyance is that many streets dead-end or turn abruptly. This is due to the number of stream beds and arroyos; rather than build bridges to cross them, many roads just bypass them.

Similarly, there are only two through streets, College St. and Broadway, connecting Bullard St. (the main downtown shopping street) and Hudson St. (the southbound road out of town) because the Big Ditch runs in between them. (The Big Ditch is what became of Main St. during a series of flash floods taking place in the early 20th Century; some maps, most notably Google's, still show N. Main St. where the Big Ditch flows, a good 60 feet below the level of the surrounding landscape.)

Parking in Silver City is generally plentiful (though some local residents complain about difficulty parking downtown, it is much ado about nothing-- especially compared to any town of the same or larger size). There are no parking meters, but some downtown streets have parking time limits (which are often not enforced).  One thing to look out for: many of the streets Downtown have unusually high curbs, making it difficult to open a car's curbside door unless you put some additional distance between the car and the curb.