The days of the violent Old West are in the past, and while HBO’s “Deadwood” might make you think the region is violent and depraved, Custer City is a friendly town with much to do for the whole family. The state of South Dakota is well below the national average for violent crime, and the town of Custer City has a fairly low crime rate. Petty crime is generally low, but as with traveling anywhere a certain amount of caution should always be maintained. Photocopies of travel documents and credit cards should be kept separate from the originals and key telephone numbers maintained to contact banks if credit cards are stolen or lost.

If you’re using a rental car make sure to lock the doors while visiting tourist attractions such as Mount Rushmore, the various museums, restaurants and attractions around Custer City. The roads in South Dakota are well-maintained, but the Black Hills can mean winding and narrow roads in part. Be aware of sudden rural stop signs and watch for animals that can dart suddenly onto the road as well.