Kailua-Kona is generally a very beautiful and safe place.  Its resorts, especially, are almost completely crime-free.  However, because it is a destination which attracts large numbers of tourists, visitors to the region are urged to practice common sense safety tips, most especially when they leave their resort areas.  Among these common-sense tips is to pay careful attention to bags and other valuable items while out shopping, dining, or at the beach.  Do not leave anything you value unattended even for a few minutes.  Women should be especially careful of leaving their hand bags on the backs of their chairs while eating in restaurants.  Also be conscious of anyone who bumps up against you in a crowd or who seems to act strangely.  If you do find that something has been stolen be sure to contact the police right away, and if it happens while at a resort or hotel be sure to inform the management as well.  

Another safety tip for Kailua-Kona is being sure to wear an adequate amount of sunblock, even when you may not be on the beach.  The sun there is much stronger than what most people are used to!