Any city that started as a result of traffic along the Oregon and Mormon trail has a lot of interesting history.  Omaha officially became a city in 1854.  Since then, Omaha has grown to become Nebrask’s largest city, at over 400,000 people. 

Like any city, Omaha has had its ups and downs, (its downs include race riots, tornadoes, and the decline of the stockyard) but recent history has been kind to Omaha.  In 1988, an effort was made to revitalize the city.  Since it enjoys a swank location near the Missouri river, the riverfront was wisely used as the point from which to start its revitalization.  Parks with winding paths now grace the banks of the river and former warehouses were turned into shops, restaurants, bars, and stores.

As if that isn’t enough, the smartest investor in the universe, Warren Buffett hails from Omaha.  If the “Oracle from Omaha” says that Omaha would make a good vacation, it’s probably a good bet!